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Covert Nurse
Default CostumeUnder The SunCovert Nurse


Covert Nurse

A Nikke from Extrinsic who dresses to impress. Underneath her mask lies a shocking secret.

  • ENJenny Yokobori
  • JPYui Horie
  • KRMin-ah
  • Elysion
  • Attacker
  • Shotgun
  • SSR



Reload:0.67 sec

Burst Gen0.45 %

Affects target(s). Deals 231.6 % of ATK as damage. Deals 200 % damage when attacking core.

Skill 1Kotodama: Words of SkillPassive

Kotodama: Words of Skill

Activates when attacked 20 time(s). Affects self. Revenge: ATK ▲ 26.66 % for 20 sec.

Skill 2Kotodama: Words of AssaultActive30 sec

Kotodama: Words of Assault

Affects all enemies. Taunt for 10 sec. Affects self. Critical Damage ▲ 152.84 % for 10 sec.

Burst SkillKotodama: Words of PowerActive40 sec

Kotodama: Words of Power

Affects all enemies. Deals 457.87 % of final ATK as damage. Affects the same target(s) when in Revenge status. Deals 457.87 % of final ATK as additional damage.

Skill Level


A special enforcement squad who puts down Irregulars. Their entire existence is shrouded in secrecy, and rumors of them run rampant amongst Nikkes.

ImageNameRoleManufacturerElementWeaponBurst LVBurst CD
GuillotineGuillotineAttackerElysionElectricMachine Gun340

Bond Episodes


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