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A Nikke from Aegis squad, who is passionate about marine life. She is equipped with high-performance radar detectors inside her body, so she has made a significant contribution to the Admire's voyage and combat.

  • ENBryn Apprill
  • JPHiyori Nitta
  • KRKim Chae-rin
  • Elysion
  • Defender
  • Rocket Launcher
  • SR

Rocket Launcher


Reload:2 sec

Burst Gen1.4 %

Affects target(s). Deals 61.3 % of ATK as damage. Charge Time: 1 sec. Full Charge Damage: 250 % of damage. Deals 200 % damage when attacking core.

Skill 1GSPassive


Activates when the last bullet hits the target. Affects the target. Taunt for 5 sec. Activates when the last bullet hits the target. Affects self. DEF ▲ 23.82 % for 5 sec.

Skill 2MDSPassive


Activates when entering battle. Affects self. When attacking an enemy projectile, damage dealt to that projectile ▲ 25.6 % continuously.

Burst SkillCIWSActive20 sec


Affects all enemies. Deals 304.45 % of final ATK as damage.

Skill Level


A squad built for naval combat, whose members are capable swimmers. They own a warship named the "Admire," which was captured from the Raptures. The lack of open water in the subterranean Ark forces Aegis to conduct training exercises in the local swimming pool, making them somewhat of a laughingstock.

ImageNameRoleManufacturerElementWeaponBurst LVBurst CD
MastMastSupporterElysionElectricSubmachine Gun220
HelmHelmAttackerElysionWaterSniper Rifle340
Helm: AquamarineHelm: AquamarineAttackerElysionIronAssault Rifle220

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