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Ultra Z.E.U.S.

Ultra Z.E.U.S.

  • Defender
  • Tyrant
  • Ground

Toxic Bullet

Fires a toxic bullet from its back, dealing damage to a single Nikke. Deals additional damage if the attack hits.

Contaminated Projectile

Launches projectiles continuously, dealing damage to multiple Nikkes. When the hit stacks, this skill inflicts great sustained damage. Can be interrupted by destroying the Poison Chamber.

Shock Wave

Ultra smashes the ground, dealing powerful damage to all Nikkes.

Toxic Shell

Spews toxic shells from its mouth, dealing damage to all Nikkes. After hitting target(s), this skill inflicts great sustained damage.

Toxic Dust

Collects and shoots toxic dust, dealing powerful damage to a single Nikke. Can be interrupted by attacking the horns.

Toxic Substance Spray

Ejects a powerful toxic substance from its entire body. Can only be stopped through Special Interruption. Should an attempt at Special Interruption fail, the toxic substance deals strong damage to all Nikkes.

Poison Chamber L

Poison Chamber R


ImageNameRoleManufacturerElementWeaponBurst LVBurst CD
AnisAnisDefenderTetraIronRocket Launcher220
Mica: Snow BuddyMica: Snow BuddySupporterTetraIronSubmachine Gun120
SolineSolineAttackerElysionIronSubmachine Gun340
CentiCentiDefenderMissilisIronRocket Launcher220
LiterLiterSupporterMissilisIronSubmachine Gun120
LaplaceLaplaceAttackerMissilisIronRocket Launcher340
MaxwellMaxwellAttackerMissilisIronSniper Rifle340
JackalJackalDefenderMissilisIronRocket Launcher120
FrimaFrimaSupporterTetraIronSniper Rifle120
JuliaJuliaAttackerMissilisIronAssault Rifle340
RupeeRupeeAttackerTetraIronAssault Rifle220
NovelNovelDefenderTetraIronSubmachine Gun220
Snow WhiteSnow WhiteAttackerPilgrimIronAssault Rifle340
RapunzelRapunzelSupporterPilgrimIronRocket Launcher160
Snow White: Innocent DaysSnow White: Innocent DaysAttackerPilgrimIronAssault Rifle340
Soldier FASoldier FADefenderElysionIronShotgun220
iDoll SuniDoll SunSupporterTetraIronAssault Rifle340
CrownCrownDefenderPilgrimIronMachine Gun220
Helm: AquamarineHelm: AquamarineAttackerElysionIronAssault Rifle220
TiaTiaDefenderMissilisIronRocket Launcher140
Red HoodRed HoodAttackerPilgrimIronSniper RifleAll40
PascalPascalSupporterAbnormalIronRocket Launcher140

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