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Rebuild Vulcan R A.N.M.I.

Rebuild Vulcan R A.N.M.I.

  • Defender
  • Lord
  • Ground


Fires an assault rifle continuously at a single Nikke, dealing damage.

Special Bullet: ATK Down

Fires special bullets at a single Nikke, dealing damage. ATK of the Nikke who is hit will be decreased for a certain period of time. The special bullet can be intercepted.

Laser Shock

Launches a special laser at a single Nikke and deals damage. Any Nikkes who are hit cannot move for a certain period of time. The laser cannons on both flanks can be destroyed. When destroyed, the laser cannon can no longer fire.


Fires many rocket launchers, dealing damage to a single Nikke.


Generates a barrier in front of it, defending against Nikkes' attacks.

Large Caliber Rifle L

Large Caliber Rifle R


ImageNameRoleManufacturerElementWeaponBurst LVBurst CD
RapiRapiAttackerElysionFireAssault Rifle340
SignalSignalAttackerElysionFireSubmachine Gun220
MirandaMirandaSupporterElysionFireSubmachine Gun120
D: Killer WifeD: Killer WifeSupporterElysionFireSniper Rifle120
EmmaEmmaSupporterElysionFireMachine Gun140
EunhwaEunhwaAttackerElysionFireSniper Rifle220
CrowCrowDefenderMissilisFireSubmachine Gun340
YuniYuniDefenderMissilisFireRocket Launcher220
YulhaYulhaAttackerTetraFireSniper Rifle340
AliceAliceAttackerTetraFireSniper Rifle340
YanYanSupporterTetraFireRocket Launcher120
ModerniaModerniaAttackerPilgrimFireMachine Gun340
NihilisterNihilisterAttackerPilgrimFireSniper Rifle220
SakuraSakuraSupporterTetraFireSniper Rifle140
Product 12Product 12AttackerMissilisFireMachine Gun340
Soldier OWSoldier OWSupporterElysionFireSubmachine Gun120
CocoaCocoaSupporterTetraFireSniper Rifle120
SodaSodaSupporterTetraFireMachine Gun120
KiloKiloDefenderMissilisFireMachine Gun340
NeroNeroDefenderTetraFireSubmachine Gun220
TronyTronyAttackerMissilisFireSniper Rifle340
BayBayDefenderTetraFireRocket Launcher240
PowerPowerAttackerAbnormalFireRocket Launcher340
2B2BDefenderAbnormalFireAssault Rifle340
A2A2AttackerAbnormalFireRocket Launcher340

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