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Mother Whale P.S.I.D.

Mother Whale P.S.I.D.

  • Supporter
  • Tyrant
  • Air

Laser Shower

Fires a laser beam, dealing damage to all Nikkes.

Ultrasonic Wave

Emits an ultrasonic wave, granting buffs that cannot be dispelled to all summoned Raptures. If its core is destroyed, it will be not able to emit the wave.


Rushes recklessly, dealing damage to all Nikkes.

Launch Massive Missiles

Launches massive missiles from its side containers. Any Nikkes getting hit will have their DEF reduced. This effect can stack. Missiles can be intercepted.

Launch Master-Grade Raptures

Launches Master Raptures from its central container. Raptures will launch a simultaneous attack at a specific time.

Launch Raptures

Launches Raptures from its side containers. Mother Whale's ATK will get increased according to the number of remaining Raptures. Raptures will generate a defensive barrier during remaining. While the barrier is up, only Electric Code Nikkes can deal damage to it. Only 1 barrier will be generated during the battle.

Summon Port L I

Summon Port L II

Summon Port L III

Summon Port R I

Summon Port R II

Summon Port R III

Container Hatch L

Container Hatch R



ImageNameRoleManufacturerElementWeaponBurst LVBurst CD
Anis: Sparkling SummerAnis: Sparkling SummerSupporterTetraElectricShotgun340
BelortaBelortaAttackerTetraElectricRocket Launcher220
GuillotineGuillotineAttackerElysionElectricMachine Gun340
Rupee: Winter ShopperRupee: Winter ShopperDefenderTetraElectricAssault Rifle120
ExiaExiaSupporterTetraElectricSniper Rifle120
ScarletScarletAttackerPilgrimElectricAssault Rifle340
HarranHarranAttackerPilgrimElectricSniper Rifle340
RosannaRosannaAttackerTetraElectricMachine Gun140
MoranMoranDefenderTetraElectricAssault Rifle140
Soldier EGSoldier EGAttackerElysionElectricAssault Rifle340
Product 08Product 08SupporterMissilisElectricSniper Rifle120
Privaty: Unkind MaidPrivaty: Unkind MaidAttackerElysionElectricShotgun340
MastMastSupporterElysionElectricSubmachine Gun220
BiscuitBiscuitSupporterTetraElectricRocket Launcher240
SinSinDefenderMissilisElectricAssault Rifle220
QuencyQuencySupporterMissilisElectricSubmachine Gun220
NoiseNoiseSupporterTetraElectricRocket Launcher140
EleggEleggSupporterMissilisElectricMachine Gun220
ClayClaySupporterTetraElectricSubmachine Gun240

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