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Gatekeeper Z.E.U.S.

Gatekeeper Z.E.U.S.

  • Attacker
  • Tyrant
  • Air

Ersatz Wormhole

Fires lasers from 4 ersatz wormholes at a single Nikke, dealing damage. The wormholes can be destroyed.

Wormhole Laser

Fires powerful lasers from the wormhole at all Nikkes, dealing damage. Generates a defensive barrier when firing lasers. While the barrier is up, only Iron Code Nikkes can deal damage.

Miniature Solar Generator

Creates a portal into subspace and summons a miniature sun. The portal must be closed via Special Interruption. If the opening is not closed, it deals damage to all Nikkes.

Summon Wormhole

Opens a wormhole, from which meteors are summoned. Launches summoned meteors at all Nikkes, dealing damage and temporarily immobilizing them. Generates a defensive barrier when summoning meteors. While the barrier is up, only Iron Code Nikkes can deal damage.

Star Air Raid

Gatekeeper summons multiple missiles from a huge wormhole. Any Nikkes who are hit will have their ATK reduced. This effect can stack. Missiles can be intercepted.

Mini Wormhole Gate I

Mini Wormhole Gate II

Mini Wormhole Gate III

Mini Wormhole Gate IV

Mini Wormhole Gate IV


ImageNameRoleManufacturerElementWeaponBurst LVBurst CD
AnisAnisDefenderTetraIronRocket Launcher220
Mica: Snow BuddyMica: Snow BuddySupporterTetraIronSubmachine Gun120
SolineSolineAttackerElysionIronSubmachine Gun340
CentiCentiDefenderMissilisIronRocket Launcher220
LiterLiterSupporterMissilisIronSubmachine Gun120
LaplaceLaplaceAttackerMissilisIronRocket Launcher340
MaxwellMaxwellAttackerMissilisIronSniper Rifle340
JackalJackalDefenderMissilisIronRocket Launcher120
FrimaFrimaSupporterTetraIronSniper Rifle120
JuliaJuliaAttackerMissilisIronAssault Rifle340
RupeeRupeeAttackerTetraIronAssault Rifle220
NovelNovelDefenderTetraIronSubmachine Gun220
Snow WhiteSnow WhiteAttackerPilgrimIronAssault Rifle340
RapunzelRapunzelSupporterPilgrimIronRocket Launcher160
Snow White: Innocent DaysSnow White: Innocent DaysAttackerPilgrimIronAssault Rifle340
Soldier FASoldier FADefenderElysionIronShotgun220
iDoll SuniDoll SunSupporterTetraIronAssault Rifle340
CrownCrownDefenderPilgrimIronMachine Gun220
Helm: AquamarineHelm: AquamarineAttackerElysionIronAssault Rifle220
TiaTiaDefenderMissilisIronRocket Launcher140
Red HoodRed HoodAttackerPilgrimIronSniper RifleAll40
PascalPascalSupporterAbnormalIronRocket Launcher140

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