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Gatekeeper H.S.T.A.

Gatekeeper H.S.T.A.

  • Attacker
  • Tyrant
  • Air

Ersatz Wormhole

Fires lasers from 4 ersatz wormholes at a single Nikke, dealing damage. The wormholes can be destroyed.

Summon Wormhole

Opens a wormhole, from which Raptures are summoned. Summoned Raptures will generate a barrier and fire a suicidal attack at a single Nikke, dealing damage. While the barrier is up, only Water Code Nikkes can deal damage.

Summon Asteroids

Opens multiple wormholes and summons asteroids. Any Nikkes who are hit will have their ATK reduced. This effect can stack. Asteroids can be destroyed.

Interstellar Missile

Summons interstellar missiles, dealing damage to all Nikkes. Generates a defensive barrier when summoning missiles. Missiles can be destroyed. While the barrier is up, only Water Code Nikkes can deal damage.


Creates a portal into subspace and summons a supernova. The portal must be closed via Special Interruption. If the opening is not closed, it deals damage to all Nikkes.

Mini Wormhole Gate I

Mini Wormhole Gate II

Mini Wormhole Gate III

Mini Wormhole Gate IV

Mini Wormhole Gate IV


ImageNameRoleManufacturerElementWeaponBurst LVBurst CD
MarianMarianAttackerElysionWaterSubmachine Gun120
Neon: Blue OceanNeon: Blue OceanAttackerElysionWaterMachine Gun340
BridBridAttackerElysionWaterAssault Rifle340
VestiVestiAttackerElysionWaterRocket Launcher340
N102N102SupporterMissilisWaterRocket Launcher120
Mary: Bay GoddessMary: Bay GoddessSupporterTetraWaterSniper Rifle120
MilkMilkAttackerTetraWaterSniper Rifle140
MiharaMiharaAttackerMissilisWaterAssault Rifle340
PrivatyPrivatyAttackerElysionWaterAssault Rifle340
LudmillaLudmillaDefenderTetraWaterSubmachine Gun120
ToveToveSupporterMissilisWaterAssault Rifle120
Ludmilla: Winter OwnerLudmilla: Winter OwnerAttackerTetraWaterMachine Gun340
Alice: Wonderland BunnyAlice: Wonderland BunnySupporterTetraWaterSubmachine Gun140
DorothyDorothySupporterPilgrimWaterAssault Rifle120
FolkwangFolkwangDefenderTetraWaterAssault Rifle240
iDoll OceaniDoll OceanSupporterTetraWaterSubmachine Gun120
HelmHelmAttackerElysionWaterSniper Rifle340
ReiReiDefenderTetraWaterSubmachine Gun120
AriaAriaAttackerTetraWaterMachine Gun240
MakimaMakimaDefenderAbnormalWaterSubmachine Gun220
RemRemSupporterAbnormalWaterMachine Gun220
EmiliaEmiliaAttackerAbnormalWaterRocket Launcher340
SyuenSyuenSupporterMissilisWaterSubmachine Gun120
ShiftyShiftySupporterElysionWaterSubmachine Gun120

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