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Fingers D.M.T.R.

Fingers D.M.T.R.

  • Defender
  • Lord
  • Air


Fires rocket launchers at a single Nikke, dealing damage.


Fires an assault rifle continuously at a single Nikke, dealing damage.

Large Caliber Rifle

Fires a large caliber rifle at a single Nikke, dealing damage.

Laser Strafe

Shoots laser beams from all tentacles, dealing damage to all Nikkes.

Rapture Absorption

Absorbs nearby Raptures to strengthen itself. Absorbed Raptures will disappear.

Launch Raptures

Fingers summons Raptures. If it fails consecutively in absorbing Raptures, it will summon a stronger Rapture in addition. The Rapture will be indomitable and can only be attacked while it is being absorbed by Fingers.


ImageNameRoleManufacturerElementWeaponBurst LVBurst CD
DeltaDeltaDefenderElysionWindSniper Rifle240
QuiryQuirySupporterElysionWindRocket Launcher340
DDAttackerElysionWindSubmachine Gun340
MicaMicaSupporterTetraWindRocket Launcher120
DieselDieselDefenderElysionWindMachine Gun220
Anne: Miracle FairyAnne: Miracle FairySupporterMissilisWindRocket Launcher260
AdmiAdmiSupporterMissilisWindSniper Rifle220
DollaDollaSupporterTetraWindSniper Rifle220
Scarlet: Black ShadowScarlet: Black ShadowAttackerPilgrimWindRocket Launcher340
NoahNoahDefenderPilgrimWindRocket Launcher240
EpinelEpinelAttackerMissilisWindSubmachine Gun340
BlancBlancDefenderTetraWindAssault Rifle260
iDoll FloweriDoll FlowerDefenderTetraWindRocket Launcher120
Product 23Product 23SupporterMissilisWindShotgun220
AdeAdeSupporterTetraWindAssault Rifle220
AnchorAnchorDefenderElysionWindRocket Launcher120
VolumeVolumeAttackerTetraWindSubmachine Gun120
HimenoHimenoSupporterAbnormalWindSniper Rifle220
RamRamDefenderAbnormalWindSniper Rifle140

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