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Crystal Chamber P.S.I.D.

Crystal Chamber P.S.I.D.

  • Defender
  • Tyrant
  • Ground

Crystal Missile

Fires crystals from its back. The crystals can be intercepted.

Point Laser

Fires a powerful laser.

Barrier Burst

Erects a crystal barrier in front of Nikkes that emits a laser after a certain period of time, dealing damage to all Nikkes.

Big Crystal Missile

Launches a huge crystal missile that can be intercepted after a certain number of attacks.

Crystal Light

The sinister crystal exudes menace, inflicting a debuff on all Nikkes.

Reflection Laser

Deals damage to all Nikkes, whether they are hiding behind cover or not.

Crystal Piercer

Fires a barrage of crystals, dealing damage to all Nikkes. Generates a defensive barrier when using Crystal Piercer. While the barrier is up, only Electric Code Nikkes can deal damage.

Crystal Horn L

Crystal Horn R


ImageNameRoleManufacturerElementWeaponBurst LVBurst CD
Anis: Sparkling SummerAnis: Sparkling SummerSupporterTetraElectricShotgun340
BelortaBelortaAttackerTetraElectricRocket Launcher220
GuillotineGuillotineAttackerElysionElectricMachine Gun340
Rupee: Winter ShopperRupee: Winter ShopperDefenderTetraElectricAssault Rifle120
ExiaExiaSupporterTetraElectricSniper Rifle120
ScarletScarletAttackerPilgrimElectricAssault Rifle340
HarranHarranAttackerPilgrimElectricSniper Rifle340
RosannaRosannaAttackerTetraElectricMachine Gun140
MoranMoranDefenderTetraElectricAssault Rifle140
Soldier EGSoldier EGAttackerElysionElectricAssault Rifle340
Product 08Product 08SupporterMissilisElectricSniper Rifle120
Privaty: Unkind MaidPrivaty: Unkind MaidAttackerElysionElectricShotgun340
MastMastSupporterElysionElectricSubmachine Gun220
BiscuitBiscuitSupporterTetraElectricRocket Launcher240
SinSinDefenderMissilisElectricAssault Rifle220
QuencyQuencySupporterMissilisElectricSubmachine Gun220
NoiseNoiseSupporterTetraElectricRocket Launcher140
EleggEleggSupporterMissilisElectricMachine Gun220

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