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The Cursed Crystals.txt

The Cursed Crystals.txt

A commander's diary with chicken scratch hand-writing.

March 11

I was sent on a special Rapture investigation mission as the head of the squad. We've got a bit of a reputation as a suicide squad, especially when it comes to figuring out what kind of abilities these Raptures might have. Still, these missions pay well. It's been a while since I've wired money back home, so I've got a lot riding on this.

March 18

We encountered a special Rapture, a Master-level one. After a brief skirmish, we secured victory easily enough. It exhibited no apparent special abilities and moved much slower than those I've encountered previously. One unique aspect was the luminescent crystals that were embedded in its body. I heard that on rare occasions, some Raptures have expensive ores attached to them, so I decided to collect those crystals. If their color and luster are any indication, they must be worth a fortune.

March 21

One of the Nikkes who went on the mission suddenly expired. Just dropped dead. No noticeable wounds on her body. No traces of corruption. It was like she just switched off. After the other Nikkes and I mourned her properly, I picked up the crystal that she had been holding. There was this loud crunching sound, which in and of itself wasn't so unusual, but it somehow felt as if I had torn off a part of her. She had clung unto it like grim death, and I was actually quite touched by her dedication. I don't know if it was my imagination, but the crystal seemed to grow larger in that moment.


Another Nikke died suddenly. There we were, walking, and she just collapsed. I heard a tinkling sound when she fell. Not a bang or plop, but a distinct tinkling. I thought it was because the crystal had dropped to the ground when she fell, but she had fallen backward and was still holding onto it firmly. The last Nikke alive in the squad said she had heard the same sound as well. After mourning her passing, we decided to conduct an autopsy. Inside, her body was full of crystals.

Crack Crack

The Nikke and I were stunned by what we saw. Suddenly, we heard the sound of glass shattering. The deceased Nikke bolted upright and looked at us with dead, hollow eyes. We fled at once. I immediately requested an extended leave, while the other Nikke asked for her memory to be erased. What on earth happened back there? It must have been because of those cursed crystals. The sound of that glass breaking haunts my dreams to this day.

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