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Take care, my friend.

Take care, my friend.

Voice message from a woman


Hello, friend. Wow, this is more embarrassing than I thought it'd be. Anyway, I figured I should leave you a message. So here I am, talking to you through a voice recorder. Is it switched on? I think so. How many years have you been away...? Well, it's been a while at any rate. I miss you.


I heard that you died in an accident, but then I saw you on TV. I thought I was going crazy. I heard that you're something called a Suiter now? I don't know what that is, but I'm happy that you got out of this place. I think the rest of us will spend the rest of our lives here. This is our hometown, and there's nowhere else to go.


I heard there's something called an Ark Lottery Ticket. I doubt it will ever make it out as far as our little village. I'll simply stay where I am and drink until I pass out. By the way, Eric and Sara got married. Remember how I thought something was off about them? They denied it at first, but then got married because of an unexpected pregnancy. ... Eric could have done much better.


I don't know if you'll ever get to hear this, but do you remember the birthday present you sent me? The solar-powered cassette player? Anyway, I put it alongside your old stash. You better appreciate what I'm doing, you hear? Anyway, sorry, I'm not even sure what I'll say to you when I finally get the chance to speak with you. ... We had some great times together. Take care, my friend.

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