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Survival Guide 01

Survival Guide 01

A guide to surviving on the surface. Author unknown.

1. How To Avoid Raptures

Don't make any loud noises. When conversing with others, keep your voice as low as possible. Watch your footsteps and tread lightly. Shooting is a guaranteed way of exposing yourself. In other words, it's better to ignore armed marauders. If you fire your gun, the first bullet that is ejected will seal your fate.

2. How to Secure Food

Throw away everything but canned food. Avoid areas nearby ponds. If you want to go anywhere, don't move an inch until it's been 10 minutes since you last heard Rapture gunshots.

3. How To Sleep

Never lie down unless you're in an enclosed space. If at all possible, sleep with your body tied up. This way, you won't move during sleep. If someone you're with has a habit of talking in their sleep, snuggling up to them is the last thing you want to do. Keep your distance. That way, your partner may be a goner, but at least you'll have a chance of surviving the night.

4. How To Deal With Strangers

Trying to intimidate them with a weapon is useless. If anything, it'll only be counterproductive if the people you're up against know about Tip No.1. After you've gotten what you want out of them, go after their legs. Raptures will only move on to the next location after clearing the other. This will buy you some time.

5. How To Keep Your Humanity

Get started on a good noose.

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