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Rapture Anomaly Report - Part 1

Rapture Anomaly Report - Part 1

The first part of a report written by a Nikke belonging to "Burrow" Squad.

Rapture Anomaly Report 01

We encountered a Rapture horde while conducting an assignment. The result of the ensuing clash was mutual destruction. All my teammates were wiped out, as were the Raptures. I am the only one left. My legs are broken, and I'm unable to crawl out of this cave. All I can do is send distress signals.

Rapture Anomaly Report 02

I don't know if the distress signal ever went through. Night has fallen. I am terrified of the dark. Luckily, the moon is out and illuminates my surroundings, although only partially thanks to the heavy cloud cover. A damaged Rapture is wandering around the battlefield where we fought. Judging from its make and model, it is a 1st generation Rapture. It's amazing that it can still move. However, I believe it will soon break down due to energy depletion.

Rapture Anomaly Report 03

The damaged Rapture is still wandering about. It keeps its face close to the ground. Upon closer inspection, I have realized it is sniffing the heads of my comrades, and has been doing so for a long time. After a long time of doing this, it finally fell to the ground. The energy in its core must have been fully depleted. A glimpse into my own future, perhaps. An overwhelming sadness overtakes me.

Rapture Anomaly Report 04

Some wild animals are getting close to the battlefield. I don't know much about animals. Are those deer? Or elk? At any rate, 6 animals are roving on the battlefield now. If peace and quiet are what they're after, they chose the perfect place. Then again, considering everyone's dead, it's no surprise that it's so quiet out here. Har har har.

Rapture Anomaly Report 05

That fallen Rapture suddenly got up and started to... You may think I am crazy, but it is eating them. That thing is eating wild animals. I've never seen anything like it. What on earth is happening here?

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