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Pilgrim Encounter Report

Pilgrim Encounter Report

A report stored in an old flash drive.


I'm a member of Burrow squad. A while back, I came across some Nikkes who were called the Pilgrims. Since then, I've developed an intense interest in them, and have decided to dedicate my life to tracking them down. Not a single piece of information can be found about these mysterious Nikkes living above ground. But I will never give up. My objective is to have a conversation with one of these so-called Pilgrims. The following is a report on all the separate Pilgrim sightings I've had thus far.

A) A white Nikke

When I was in the Ark, I heard many rumors about a white Nikke. In my wanderings, I finally spotted her in the northern mountains. She was firing at a Rapture using a rifle that was nearly as big as she was. I tried to approach her but the raging snowstorm prevented me from getting any closer.

B) A Nikke with a camel

At first glance, it seemed that she was riding a horse, but upon closer inspection, the outline of the animal seemed more akin to a camel. I tried to approach her, but was unable to do so due to a sudden communications failure.

C) A noble Nikke and her servant

It seemed like there were two Nikkes walking together, but I couldn't get close enough to see them clearly. It appeared as though one of them was subservient to the other. When I attempted to get closer, they sped away with great haste.

D) A Nikke carrying a coffin

I saw her in a dream, so this one is shrouded in mystery. She was carrying an oversized coffin. Now that I think about it, I don't even know if it was a Nikke or a Rapture. It could even have been an illusion. When I tried to get nearer, there was a burst of light, and she vanished into thin air.

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