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An old and tattered pamphlet that was full of ads.

1. Delivery Service

Items from your hometown, delivered to your door. Property deeds, wedding rings, belongings of deceased relatives... everything you didn't have time to take with you. *An additional charge of 8,300 USD per kilometer applies beyond the battle line. *Delivery may take more than one year.

2. Real Estate Trading

A 149-square-meter high-rise seaside apartment is now on the market! Commanding a hefty 6.5 million price tag before the Rapture invasion, this lush condo will now only cost you 66,500, after a fabulous 99% discount! (Must be paid in full. No cash. Only daily necessities are accepted.)

3. Self-Defense Training

Get in shape to survive! In these times, it's a must. Why, you ask? Because you can run away from Raptures quickly. Because you can keep your belongings safe from burglars. Because your fists still can even if the law can no longer protect you.

4. Tour Packages

Last chance of a lifetime! Appreciate the greatest ruins in human history from above in a helicopter. *Travel in safe Rapture-free airspace. *Applicants must first write out a complete will.

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