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Nikke Manufacturing Report Summary

Nikke Manufacturing Report Summary

Concise and well-organized reports.

Experiment Report 1A-547

Name: Jane Gender: Female Age: 33 Characteristics: Voluntary brain donation. The patient suffered from depression and previously stated she had no will to live. Personality: Quiet, introverted Result: Failure. Body disposed of. (Body completion: 14.89%)

Experiment Report 1A-1627

Name: Tom Gender: Male Age: 19 Characteristics: Criminal background, healthy Personality: Aggressive, outgoing Result: Failure. Body disposed of. (Errors present during body activation)

Experiment Report 2D-33

Name: Nana Gender: Female Age: 21 Characteristics: Self-denial, postmortem brain donation with parental consent. Cause of death unknown. Personality: Excellent social skills, outgoing Result: Failure. Body disposed of. (Explosive expansion of brain due to overloading upon normal activation) *Additional tests to be conducted after reporting

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