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A Commander's Video Record


(File corrupted, audio only) My name is Jonathan Cross. Age 28. To complete the investigation entrusted to me by the lab, I brought 9 Nikkes to the surface, 5 of which are mass-production types. It is our 48th day on the surface. I've started to make these recordings because my ComLink was destroyed beyond repair in yesterday's battle, and I can no longer report back to the Ark.


(File corrupted, audio only) We encountered a Lord Rapture yesterday. It was a true test of my resolve. My choices were either to have everyone perish, or sacrifice half the team in order to save the remaining half. I ordered the 5 mass-produced Nikkes to sacrifice themselves for the team. (Sigh) This turned out to be a terrible miscalculation. The sight of their comrades giving their lives away proved to be too traumatic for two of the surviving Nikkes, and they underwent a Mind Switch. The other two Nikkes shot and killed them, but that made their own mental condition unstable as well.


(File corrupted, audio only) We saw it. Hope. Or was it merely a mirage? I can vaguely see something in the distance. Something resembling a man-made structure. I'm positive they're not ruins from before the First Invasion. This structure off in the distance seems to have been built using technology far beyond what humans are currently capable of. I am certain of this, for I saw there are lights on the structure. I also saw the shadow of a flying angel, or perhaps it was a Nikke? We will go there at daybreak.


(File corrupted, audio only) We call the structure Heaven, for it seems unreachable. The last two remaining Nikkes and I walked for what felt like an eternity, yet the structure seemed to become more indistinct than before. Eventually, it disappeared, as if into the ether. What on earth is happening here? Was it really a mirage after all?


(File corrupted, audio only) The last Nikke has expired. No, that's not right. She had a name. Della. Della has died. She finally succumbed to Mind Switch. She thought she had been redeemed and would ascend to heaven. I remained by her side for some time after she went. Without any Nikkes to protect me, there is no chance of me surviving on the surface. Spending a few moments to mourn her wouldn't do me any harm. (Silence) (Silence) (Silence) I'm losing strength. The cold has become oddly comforting. I can see something through the broken window of my hideout. I can see heaven so clearly now. It seems so real, like it never disappeared. I wish I could go there. At this point, experiencing a Mind Switch would be a relief for me.

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