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Harmony Cube Observation Log

Harmony Cube Observation Log

A Stranded Nikke's Diary

Core Output Remaining 5%

The core output is about to be depleted. All I can do now is sit here and type on the virtual keyboard before I die. I don't remember how I ended up here. I think I was fighting the Raptures, but when I regained consciousness, this is how I found myself. The Harmony Cube floats above my head, yet I am unable to move. The cube appears to be working diligently.

Core Output Remaining 3%

A white field appeared beneath the Harmony Cube. Things that look like structures also emerged. They appear to be made of glass. Ah... I see. Since crystals absorb electrical energy, this area is wholly reconstructed with insulators. After all, the Harmony Cube is a machine created to build the Ark. It feels quite versatile.

Core Output Remaining 2%

While watching the Harmony Cube expand its domain, a question popped up in my mind. Where does it source its materials from? Without any supplies, it shouldn't be able to create fields and structures using glass. I observed the surroundings for a few days and confirmed that the nearby structures had become thinner. So, that's it. It's using other structures as materials. What an impressive technology. It can disassemble and reconstruct things. I hope I can figure out what it's creating before I die.

Core Output Remaining 0.4%

A part of my body has disappeared. Ah... I get it now. So I'm being used as a material as well. It's a shame that I can't watch until the end, but considering myself as the cornerstone doesn't sound too bad.

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