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Enterprise-Rapture Conspiracy Theory

Enterprise-Rapture Conspiracy Theory

A collection of a user's random emails.

National Security Email Enterprises responsible for the Raptures!

Greetings, citizens! For too long, big enterprises have been exploiting our personal information and damaging the environment, all under the excuse of "technological R&D." These aliens (hereinafter referred to as the Raptures) who have appeared out of nowhere are most assuredly failed experiments conducted by these major enterprises.

National Security Email Hard evidence of enterprises producing Raptures!

Greetings, citizens! The Enterprise Confederation (EC) revealed the existence of what we believe is called the "Ark." This is a GARGANTUAN type of shelter that can accommodate millions of people. There is no way it could have been made within a short time... Chances are that these enterprises already knew about the existence of Raptures for several decades but kept it under wraps!

National Security Email Missilis Industry is the root of all evil!

Greetings, citizens! It's hard to believe, but the human race currently finds itself on the brink of extinction. The big enterprises are to blame, Missilis Industry most of all! Given their near-monopoly on various advanced technologies, they are the only entity that could feasibly be capable of developing something like these Raptures.

National Security Email Missilis, Elysion, and Tetra are accomplices!

Greetings, citizens! Here comes the latest news. It has been confirmed that both Elysion, a military enterprise, and Tetra Line, an entertainment company, participated in Missilis' Ark Project. Chances are that Elysion and Tetra Line are accomplices in this Rapture conspiracy. They must be held liable for driving humankind to the brink of extinction. They must also pay for their crimes with their lives!

National Security Email The Ark is just another hell!

Greetings, citizens! I've been denied entry into the Ark. All simply because I revealed the truth of what was going on with these conglomerates. Now, I'm on their blacklist. For those who intend to enter the Ark, mark my words: It's far from a safe haven. Instead, you will find yourself in a hellscape, a dystopian nightmare where your every thought and every word are suppressed!

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