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Daily Ark News Scrap

Daily Ark News Scrap

Scraps of war-related newspaper clippings collected by someone

Will The Path To The Surface Finally Be Cleared? More on the Upcoming Second Surface Reclamation Campaign

Input Nov 19, XXXX 14:52 (Daily Ark) Marshall Belmont, Reporter = The Central Government claims they are augmenting their armaments for the Second Surface Reclamation Campaign that is scheduled to launch early next year. In the press conference this morning, Deputy Chief Miles claimed, "We will see a boost in Nikke production", but declined to give an actual figure. It is believed that the volume of production will be 100 times greater than that of the First Surface Reclamation Campaign... (More) - Let's rock n' roll! The surface is as good as ours! - 100 times?! Did I read that right? That's amazing! - The Central Government is doing well. We should work hard to reclaim the surface; every square inch counts. The number of Ark residents is growing every day, and it won't be long before overpopulation because a serious issue and causes inhabitants to start jostling for space.

We're seeing more and more bloodshed with this war... [are we any closer to reclaiming the surface than we were before?]

Input Sept 12, XXXX 09:33 (Daily Ark) Marshall Belmont, Reporter = The Second Surface Reclamation Campaign Hits an Impasse Previous statements issued by the army assured the public that they would reclaim strategic points on the surface by August, after which they would proceed to establish a massive Outpost. However, July saw the army experiencing devastating casualties. Nearly 80% of troops were wiped out, putting the fate of the campaign into serious question... (More) - All this war does is increase our taxes and tank the economy. -> Those in power should resign and be put behind bars! - They built 100 times more Nikkes, but that doesn't do much good when none of them can do anything. -> These damn corporations are bleeding us dry.

[The Rising Star] First Victory Reported One Year After Entering War

Input July 9, XXXX 15:11 (Daily Ark) Marshall Belmont, Reporter = After a year-long struggle, some good news finally came from the Second Surface Reclamation Campaign. After reclaiming certain strategic highlands, our troops destroyed seven major Rapture strongholds and managed to suppress the Rapture onslaught. Morale amongst the troops is now higher than ever. One of the key figures behind this victory is a commander who is being referred to as this campaign's “New Hope”... (More) - Our savior! -> A legendary commander got us through the 1st Rapture Invasion, and it looks like we've got our new hero for this campaign! The Central Government should establish a military academy to train more heroes like them! - Will we actually be able to retake the surface? I'm so excited! -> Can I see the sea before I die? -> I heard that my granny's hometown is part of the land that they recaptured. If only I could go there...

Central Government Carrying Out Mass Lay-off of Commanders In Response To Failed Campaign

Input May 3, XXXX 17:20 (Daily Ark) Marshall Belmont, Reporter = The Central Government is looking to take steps towards accountability for the recent failed Surface Reclamation Campaign, indicating a soon-to-be major shake-up amongst the military ranks. A list has been published containing many high-ranking officers who are to be dismissed from their posts, but the New Hope is notably absent. The stellar combat record of this individual has garnered significant attention, and the Central Government is planning to take them into the fold in an advisory capacity for upcoming military reforms. Some suggestions offered have been the formulation of elite squads and the establishment of a Military Academy... (More) - I say it's high time our New Hope becomes the new General. -> I second that! -> Me three! - What's the point in reforming the army now? They're plugging holes when the dam's already burst.

Hope Fails for the New Hope... Commander XX Sent to Rehabilitation Center

Input Jan 23, XXXX 10:18 (Daily Ark) Catherine Lu, Reporter = In a shocking development, the commander known as the New Hope, whom many people have deemed the sole positive outcome of the failed recent campaign, has experienced an ignominious fall from grace. After first allowing a Rapture (Model Number: AHWDD-93760) to infiltrate the Ark by accessing the elevator on the 20th of this month, Username proceeded to commit a series of strategic errors on several defensive operations. By the time Deputy Commander-in-chief Miles stepped in, 60% of our troops had lost their lives... (More) - You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. - The New Hope is no more. - What? I heard that the exact opposite happened. I heard the New Hope picked up the pieces after Deputy Commander-in-chief Miles screwed up royally. -> How could you possibly believe that? -> Stop trying to defend the New Hope, he's yesterday's news.

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