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Climate Change Report

Climate Change Report

An environmentalist's notes.

January 30, XX.

Rising sea levels, melting glaciers, and destruction of animal habitats. Before, they were things I'd only see on the news. However, I have witnessed climate change in person since arriving here. Climate change is REAL. Rumor has it that the children in this area had gone to school by sled not even a decade ago.

April 5, XX.

I made a speech in front of the local politicians today. When I mentioned the dramatic rise in temperature, ice calving, and ice field reduction, one man raised his hand and had the gall to say, "Sounds great to me! I prefer warmer weather." It took all my willpower not to grab him by the collar and throttle him. What fools they are! They won't enjoy the warm weather when the ocean rises to their necks!

June 27, XX.

I've gone over it countless times, but I still feel that climate change is a man-made disaster. If there were fewer humans, there would be lesser greenhouse gas emissions. If there were fewer humans, there would be lower rates of deforestation. In that sense, the birth rate reductions in several countries would actually be a positive sign. The same goes for these aliens that have been such breaking news lately. Perhaps it may not be a bad thing if the world population is reduced.

September 3, XX.

Factories across the world have been shut down. Half of the earth has been occupied by the aliens. However, on the land which they have conquered, they live in peaceful communities, like the indigenous people of old. There are no humans, but no environmental pollution either. I am unsure whether these places should be considered paradise or hell.

December 15, XX.

I've been in hiding for a long time now. When I first ventured out, I saw more snow and ice on the tundra than whatever I had seen in environmental journals ten years prior. It's just that there are no more children on their sleds anymore. Perhaps it was never the environment itself that I was concerned about. It was merely whether or not humans could survive in it.

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