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Chat Log_Early Adopter.txt

Chat Log_Early Adopter.txt

Chat logs of an anonymous user.

08:05 PM

Early Adopter: I'm at the shelter. Tooth-Missing Fan: Wow! Tooth-Missing Fan: This is just like a game. Tooth-Missing Fan: Now that there's a food shortage in the shelter, Tooth-Missing Fan: people have become like rabid dogs, turning against each other. Tooth-Missing Fan: Suddenly, the heroine rides into town, brings order to the townsfolk, Tooth-Missing Fan: then rides off into the sunset once her job is done! Early Adopter: Will you grow up? How can that ever happen? Early Adopter: Pfft, this ain't some cheap novel.

11:05 AM

Early Adopter: Wow, can you see into the future or something? Tooth-Missing Fan: What makes you say that? Early Adopter: There are only 50 food rations in our shelter, Early Adopter: but about 30 starving people arrived at our shelter yesterday. Early Adopter: We had no choice but to take them in. Early Adopter: But when we did, you should get a look of the people here... Tooth-Missing Fan: Let me guess, they looked like they wanna kill the newcomers? Early Adopter: Bingo. Early Adopter: If this keeps up... Early Adopter: I feel like something's gonna go down soon.

05:37 PM

Tooth-Missing Fan: Hey, Tooth-Missing Fan: you still alive? Early Adopter: Nope. Early Adopter: There are too many people in our shelter, Early Adopter: so some of us were selected to be sent away. Early Adopter: Now, all their family members are crying, screaming, and making a scene. Early Adopter: It feels like a riot is gonna break out. Tooth-Missing Fan: Yikes... Tooth-Missing Fan: I suppose you should skedaddle then. Early Adopter: I'd be dead for sure if I did that.

12:01 AM

Early Adopter: Hey, Early Adopter: is there any space left in your shelter? Early Adopter: I've got the runs... really bad. Early Adopter: I don't feel so hot, but I've been bed-ridden for the entire week. Early Adopter: Now, they're telling me I can't stay here any longer. Early Adopter: And the nearest shelter is where you are... Tooth-Missing Fan: Sorry. Tooth-Missing Fan: We're full up here :(

09:55 AM

Early Adopter: Please. Early Adopter: You're the only one I can rely on. Early Adopter: I've been scrambling from one hiding place to the next for 30 minutes now. Early Adopter: I practically rubbed shoulders with an alien just a moment ago. Early Adopter: Can't you take me in for just one day? Pleeeaaaasssee?

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