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Call Log 028594

Call Log 028594

A research insitute's call log.

10:01 AM

A: Hello, this is the Missilis Research Institute. B: I'm calling about donating... I'd like to become a Nikke. A: Okay. Can I have your name, please? B: Rachel Hope. H-O-P-E. A: All right, Ms. Hope. One of our researchers will pay you a visit shortly. B: So... Will I be turned into a member of the Goddesses? Like in the ad? A: Of course. There's a high chance you'll become even more exceptional than that.

02:49 PM

B: Hello, is this the Missilis Research Institute? A: Yes. B: My daughter, Rachel Hope, participated in a Nikke experiment not too long ago. A: That's right. B: Can you tell me what has become of the experiment? A: I'm afraid we are not at liberty to disclose such military secrets. B: But I'm her mother! A: We're terribly sorry, but please understand.

11:39 AM

A: Hello, this is the Missilis Research... B: You've turned my daughter into a monster! How can you sleep at night? A: ... B: You told her she'd become just like one of the Goddess Squad! How can you even deceive a little girl like her?! (Sobs) A: We have no way of anticipating the results of any experiment... B: If you can't, then who?! A: ... B: I'm going to sue you to kingdom come, regardless of how it costs me!

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