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Call Log 017515

Call Log 017515

A call log left on a cell phone.

2:01 PM

A: Honey, have you seen the TV? It's near our place. B: Yeah, the whole area is crawling with soldiers. What a mess. A: Really? This is all a bit unsettling... B: But they haven't told us to take shelter or anything. A: Well, don't go outside, just to be safe. B: I won't. I'll stay home and tuck into a good book. A: Okay. I'll call you later. B: Okay.

03:42 PM

B: Jesus, now they're sending in tanks? A: Tanks? B: More and more soldiers are gathering outside. Guess aliens really do exist. A: Don't be ridiculous. B: This is the first time I've seen something like this. Looks pretty serious. A: Should we hide? B: Why? You don't get to see this everyday.

4:17 PM

B: Hello? A: Are you all right? B: I'm okay. I tried getting out as fast as possible, but something didn't feel right. A: Get out of there now. B: I can't. The roads have collapsed. A: Well, you can't stay there! Use your legs! B: I told you, I can't make it! A: Well, what should we do then?! B: I-I don't know. A: Honey. B: The soldiers are broadcasting something. I'll call you later.

6:08 PM

A: Run! Those missiles they launched are heading straight for you! B: What are you talking about? They told us to stand by. A: The news just said the missiles are... B: Ahhhh!! A: Honey? Honey! B: Wh-what is this? What are those things! A: Honey! B: Don't come any closer! Doooon't!! A: Honey! B: Ahhhhhhhh!!

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