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Audio Portion of a Streamer's Live Stream

Audio Portion of a Streamer's Live Stream

A collection of video files saved by a live streamer's fans


(The file is corrupted, and only the audio can be played.) Hey, guys! How have you been? It's been a while since my last stream. I'm good, but I'm not sure how things are going outside right now... I can't believe this is actually happening. It's like something straight out of a bad sci-fi movie! What are those aliens, anyway? Thank you for the donation, LoneSurvivor! I'm looking at the comments, and it's good to know everyone's doing okay. "Take care of yourself."? Don't worry, those aliens won't get rid of me so easily. Speaking of which, I feel like we could take 'em as long as we have the right weapons. Heck, I bet I could take on five of those suckers on my own! What do you guys think? That'd make for a crazy video. I bet it'd blow up big time... so I'll have to think it over. Anyway, I'll be live streaming tomorrow. See you guys then! If you enjoyed this video, don't forget to like and subscribe!


(The file is corrupted, and only the audio can be played.) Big news, everyone! I was out searching for food outside just now, and I ran into some aliens! They were total pushovers, though. When they were rushing at me, all I had to do was bonk them on the head with a piece of plywood... and BAM! They practically disintegrated. Huh? You don't believe me? Fine, I'll live stream tomorrow and prove it. SurvivorMan says he'll donate $800 if I send another alien packing. It's a deal! I took a screenshot, so no takebacks! Guys, remember to watch tomorrow's stream. It'll be at 10:00 PM, so don't miss it. Come and watch me use these aliens for batting practice!


(The file is corrupted, and only the audio can be played.) See? I made a weapon yesterday. I took some iron fencing and stuck it to some plywood. That way, it's a weapon and a shield all at once. What do you think? Not bad, huh? And... can't forget the bulletproof vest... Ta-da! All done! How do you like it? Anyway, I can't go out there with just my fists. You've at least got to let me arm myself. Thanks, TheRestless, for your donation! All right, guys, check this out. I'm gonna bust up not one, not two, but THREE aliens. *Deep breath* Am I scared? Of course not! I'm just psyching myself up. Here we go! *Bang* Hey, you bucket of bolts, over here! Did you see that? Here they come. It's showtime!! Ha! Haha! You see that? Like shooting fish in a barrel. Batter up...! *Crack* Ah... AAAAHHHH!!!!! My arms!!! Someone... *Gasp* help... *Crack* *Snap* AARGGGHHHH! Help!!!! He-lp me...

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