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A Poster Against Nikke Experiments

A Poster Against Nikke Experiments

A picket poster which had been badly damaged.


The Big Three should put an immediate halt to all Nikke experiments. Stop turning humans into weapons.


My daughter volunteered for the experiments when she was 18. She was such a kind girl... and dreamed of saving the world by becoming a Nikke, just like the Goddesses. However, she only ended up as a nameless clone that was identical to 30 other subjects in the experiment. What's more, she couldn't even recognize her own parents... I thereby insist a thorough investigation be conducted on the Big Three and their research institutes.


Reasons why you must not participate in the Nikke experiments! - Mortality rate as high as 67.7% - More than half of the remaining 32.3% become mass-produced models - 99.7% of those who become Nikkes suffer from side effects (amnesia, psychosis, etc.)

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