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A Man's Memoir

A Man's Memoir

The memoirs of a man sequestered inside the bunker.

February 7, XX.

It's been four months since I entered this bunker. There's only canned food, but at least there's enough to go around. There's a stable power supply as well. I know the army will come to my rescue. All I have to do is wait. They'll exterminate all those insect-like machines we call Raptures and take me away from this place. Until that day comes, I have to hold on.

August 21, XX.

No one has come to my rescue. Has the army been defeated? That can't be. The TV said we were winning the war against the Raptures. They just haven't found me yet. I have to try to make the SOS signal stronger. I'm a bit worried about the power, but help will be here soon enough. Everything will work out in the end.

December 5, XX.

Used up the last of the rations. Plenty of power remaining, but electricity doesn't put food in my stomach. It's time for me to go outside. I wonder, have I been afraid of nothing this entire time? All right, I'll go outside. Perhaps people will interview me when they see me. They'll tell me the war has been over for some time now, and I'll look like a right fool for staying in this bunker for as long as I have. I'm setting out tomorrow at sunrise. I haven't seen another human being for ages. My stomach is already in knots.

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