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A Girl's Memoir

A Girl's Memoir

A girl's journal found in a shelter.

July 23, XX at 3:00 PM (Rainy)

I left the house. It wasn't my idea, as Daddy actually proposed it. He said he had never taken me on any trips before because we were too poor then. This time, he would bring me somewhere wonderful. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

July 24, XX (Cloudy)

I saw aliens outside the car window. Their bellies were glistening. Daddy told me they're props for a movie that's filming near us. They were even setting off explosions, which looked so real.

July 25, XX (Sunny)

I played in the amusement park for a whole day! There weren't any other people, and the roller coasters didn't work either. I still had a great time, though. 'Cause I hadn't played with Daddy for soooo long. He promised to take me for a ride on the carousel tomorrow.

July 26, XX (Sunny)

I took a carousel ride with Daddy today. Though the carousel didn't move, Daddy hugged me and let me sit on top of the horsey. We were about to leave when I heard the aliens from the movie making loud noises. Daddy kept saying that he loved me.

July 27, XX (Cloudy)

Daddy and I went to the park. I was running around in a field when I saw some of the aliens. Daddy told me they weren't real, but I could tell they were. I cried and asked him if we were going to see Mommy again. But then a lady appeared out of nowhere and beat up all the aliens! When I asked her name, she said she was a Nikke. Now, we're in some kind of shelter. When I grow up, I want to be big and strong, just like a Nikke.

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