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The leader of the Real Kindness Squad. She brainwashes others with her words. This ability, in combination with some additional verbal gymnastics, makes her capable of turning anyone into her mindless puppet.

  • ENBrittany Lauda
  • JPAtsumi Tanezaki
  • KRYeo Yoon-mi
  • Missilis
  • Defender
  • Assault Rifle
  • SSR

Assault Rifle


Reload:1 sec

Burst Gen0.2 %

Affects target(s). Deals 13.65 % of ATK as damage. Deals 200 % damage when attacking core.

Skill 1Full StopPassive

Full Stop

Activates when firing the last bullet. Affects self. Duplicate 15.03 % Max HP of ally with the highest Max HP, lasts for 5 sec. Attract: Taunt all enemies for 5 sec.

Skill 2Hurry UpPassive

Hurry Up

Activates after Full Burst ends. Affects self. Burst Gauge filling speed ▲ 16.17 % for 5 sec. Activates when using Burst Skill. Affects self. Effect changes according to the number of activation time(s). Previous effects trigger repeatedly : Once: Recover 15.3 % of attack damage as HP, lasts for 5 sec. Twice: HP Potency ▲ 51 % for 5 sec. Three times: DEF ▲ 43.2 % for 5 sec.

Burst SkillWords can KillActive20 sec

Words can Kill

Activates when enemy unit(s) (excluding Nikkes) are more than 4 . Affects all enemies. Damage Taken ▲ 12.23 % for 5 sec. Affects enemies within attack range . Deals 176.32 % of final ATK as damage.

Skill Level

Real Kindness

A Squad made up of Nikkes who are held in the Rehabilitation Center, which, despite its name, is closer to a prison that houses vicious criminals. All of its members are experiments of the Missilis Industry, and each has their own unique ability. Not all of them are guilty of atrocious crimes. Some of them have been detained merely because of their presumed danger to society.

ImageNameRoleManufacturerElementWeaponBurst LVBurst CD
QuencyQuencySupporterMissilisElectricSubmachine Gun220


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