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The older of the twin maids who works at Roswaal Mansion. She used to be a prodigy of the Demons, where she once possessed immeasurable power. This power, however, has vanished ever since she lost her horn.

  • ENRyan Bartley
  • JPRie Murakawa
  • KRGabin
  • Abnormal
  • Defender
  • Sniper Rifle
  • SR

Sniper Rifle


Reload:2 sec

Burst Gen2.8 %

Affects target(s). Deals 69.04 % of ATK as damage. Charge Time: 1 sec. Full Charge Damage: 250 % of damage. Deals 200 % damage when attacking core.

Skill 1FuraPassive


Activates after landing 5 normal attack(s). Affects the target(s). ATK ▼ 7.95 % for 5 sec. Activates when Full Burst ends with an ally from the same squad still on the battlefield. Affects self. Cooldown of Burst Skill ▼ 20.16 sec.

Skill 2Sister's AuthorityActive15 sec

Sister's Authority

Affects self. Max HP ▲ 40.72 % without restoring HP for 10 sec. Affects 2 ally unit(s) with the lowest remaining HP. DEF ▲ 11.34 % of caster's DEF for 5 sec.

Burst SkillDon't Bother RamActive40 sec

Don't Bother Ram

Affects all allies. Generates a Shield with 10.08 % of the caster's final Max HP for 10 sec.

Skill Level

Emilia's Faction

A faction which supports Emilia to be King in the Dragon Kingdom of Lugunica's elective monarchy.

ImageNameRoleManufacturerElementWeaponBurst LVBurst CD
RemRemSupporterAbnormalWaterMachine Gun220
EmiliaEmiliaAttackerAbnormalWaterRocket Launcher340

Bond Episodes

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