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A Nikke belonging to Happy Zoo, the Ark's animal management squad. Due to her ability to communicate with animals, her responsibilities consist of rescuing stray and abused animals.

  • ENKristen McGuire
  • JPMaria Naganawa
  • KRJung Hye-won
  • Tetra
  • Supporter
  • Rocket Launcher
  • SSR

Rocket Launcher


Reload:2 sec

Burst Gen1.4 %

Affects target(s). Deals 61.3 % of ATK as damage. Charge Time: 1 sec. Full Charge Damage: 250 % of damage. Deals 200 % damage when attacking core.

Skill 1Happy PuppyPassive

Happy Puppy

Activates at the end of Full Burst. Affects all Attacker allies. Critical Rate of normal attack ▲ 5.77 % for 10 sec. Constantly recovers 1.53 % of caster's final Max HP every 1 sec for 10 sec.

Skill 2Tug of WarPassive

Tug of War

Activates when a Defender ally's Hp falls below 50 % . Affects the target Defender ally. Invincible for 5 sec. Activates 2 time(s) per battle. Recovers 23.26 % of caster's final Max HP. Activates 2 time(s) per battle.

Burst SkillWalk TrainingActive40 sec

Walk Training

Affects 2 random ally unit(s) whose cover has been destroyed. Rebuild Cover with 93.6 % HP. Affects all Supporter allies. ATK ▲ 43.08 % for 10 sec. Recovers 55.44 % of attack damage as HP over 10 sec.

Skill Level

Happy Zoo

The Ark's animal management squad. They have incredible empathy for animals, and devote every fiber of their being to bettering the lives of animals. Their greatest desire is to run wild in nature amongst the animals after reclaiming the surface.

ImageNameRoleManufacturerElementWeaponBurst LVBurst CD
NeroNeroDefenderTetraFireSubmachine Gun220

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