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ClayDo you like breaking a sweat, Coach?Yes, it's proof of how hard I'm working.No, it makes me feel uncomfortable.
ClayI want to repay them somehow, but I don't know how.How about writing them a letter?How about making and selling some merch?
ClayIt's something that often crosses my mind while I'm watching sports matches.If you try hard enough, nothing is impossible.I don't think effort means much in the face of overwhelming talent.
ClayDo you think I'll do okay without Bay?Just do what you always do, and keep your head held high.If you haven't put in the time, you can't expect a miracle.
ClayDo you think there's anything I could do for them?How about rooting for the losing team?It might be best to give them some space and let them compose themselves.
Claywould be a good new member for Rewind?Someone passionate and energetic.Someone cool and composed.
ClayHow can I train my sense of rhythm?Try clapping to the beat of the song I'll play.How about playing a rhythm game?
ClayDo you think I use them too often, Coach?Everyone has their own way of speaking.I think you're okay!!! Totally!!!
ClayCome to think of it, I've never seen you dance!I think I'm pretty decent.I've got two left feet.
ClayWanna take a look?Sure, show me.I'd rather watch the final performance at the stadium myself.
ClayMaybe you've got an innate talent for cheerleading, Coach.I do like encouraging others.I'd feel a bit awkward doing cheerleading myself.
ClayI kept missing the beat today and messed up our whole routine.Everyone makes mistakes.Just keep practicing so you won't make mistakes in the future.
ClayDo you think I did anything wrong?Older folks may find it difficult to respond enthusiastically.Perhaps it's because the audience was smaller?
ClayIt must have to do with Rewind's reputation not being what it used to...That's okay. You both can build it back up again.Reputation isn't everything.
ClayDo you have any good idea I can use to get up on time?What about sleeping in the practice room?Set multiple alarms every 5 minutes.
ClayBut at the same time, I feel that feedback could be helpful, so I should take a look... right?Turn off all your devices and enjoy some me time.We've got to accept all the feedback we're given, both good and bad.
ClayHave you felt that way before, Coach?Yeah, all the time.Let me see... Not really.
ClayWhat do you do when you start doubting yourself?I focus more on what I know I can do well.I work hard to overcome it.
ClayWhich one are you, Coach?I feel reassured.I get nervous.
ClayGo! Go! Victory!You can do it!You can't do it!

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